Coming Soon: Batman Mug & Animated Batman Pop!s

Pop! Home: Batman Mug

Your morning would not be complete without a sip of your favorite beverage.
Why not take that sip out of your favorite superhero head?

Show off your batman pride with the latest Batman mug!
This mug features batman from the Classic TV series.

Add this Batman ’66 mug to your
collection this summer!

Coming in August!

Pop! Heroes: Animated Batman

The time has finally come to order the new wave of
Batman: The Animated Series Pop!s
that we announced at London Toy Fair!

This series features a batch of Super-Villains!
Clayface, Bane, Phantasm, Catwoman, Scarecrow,
and Robot Batman all join the Funko family.

Look for the Robot Batman chase,
a 1-in-6 rarity!

Add these villains to your collection this Summer!

Coming in September!

Pre-orders here!

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