Funko Twitter Q&A Summary

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  • Something likely will be released on Snow White’s 80th anniversary
  • Boss Ross comes out in August
  • SDCC exclusives will have set number per day
  • SDCC booth signups news will come around early July
  • D23 News will come out later this month
  • Hinted: SDCC TV wave will be revealed tomorrow
  • It takes around 4 months to create a Pop from the drawing board to final product.
  • Chance of another Lord of the Rings Wave
  • No more Marvel & DCTV waves for SDCC
  • Check midnight PST for the next marvel box reveal
  • Pops usually become vaulted when their license expires
  • News of the Freddy Pop for the TOTY voters will come soon
  • SDCC pops will get restocked daily
  • SDCC Disney wave is coming
  • Funko will look into valerian doghan chase to clear things up 3:08pm PST


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