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Today’s exclusive item is… 




Masters of the Universe: Beast Man & Moss Man Dorbz 2-pack!

$20.00 – Limit 1 per customer


Our next Masters of the Universe offering is this Beast Man & Moss Man Dorbz 2-pack!


Beast Man is Skeletor’s right-hand man who can telepathically control animals. Moss Man is an ally to the Heroic Warriors and helps protect their freedom using his powers over plant life – and yes, this Moss Man Dorbz is flocked!!


The Beast Man & Moss Man Dorbz 2-pack is a Funko-Shop.com exclusive and is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces.




FunKlub Giveaway!


One lucky FunKlub member will be randomly selected to win the protos for this week’s exclusive item, the Beast Man & Moss Man Dorbz! The winner will be announced next week!


Congratulations to Vikki Brock for winning last week’s giveaway, the Color Spectrum Freddy Funko Hikari!



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