New Yummy World Fall Plush Collection Now Available at

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New Yummy World Fall Plush Collection

Now Available at

New Double Happiness Small Plush
Talk about a match made in Yummy heaven! Sprinkletree is extra delighted to add 6 new residents that are cute as a button and t in the palm of your hand. Amy Pineapple, Fate Fortune Cookie, Iggy Snow Cone, Nelly Chipwich and Penelope Peach join Yummy Pink Donut to create a small plush collection that would make even the biggest sour puss doubly happy. Coming on elastic bands, these compact snacks pack a avorful punch to anything that needs a splash of Yummy. Collect all 6 to find your happiness!

New Medium Plush
Salty, sour, savory, sweet and satisfying… This medium plush line up fills all your tasty plush needs. Sprinkletree is making room for an enticing set of characters packed full of flavors from every corner around. New additions Ally and Sally Red Apple, Gus Gummy Worm and Hans the Pretzel join Cornelius Corn Dog, Burt Burrito and Bunford Burger to pack a powerful punch to hunger. Add all 6 to create a well-rounded Yummy diet!
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