Coming Soon: Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis, & Series 2 Funko Pop!s

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Mystery Mini: Kingdom Hearts

Some of your favorite characters from Disney’s hit
videogame Kingdom Hearts are now featured as Mystery Minis!

This series features Mickey, Roxas, Axel, and Riku
in organization 13 cloaks – used to safely pass through darkness.
Also, Chip & Dale, Goofy, Donald, Mickey and many more!

Add them all to your collection this Fall!

Look for exclusives!
Find Pete, Large Body Heartless, and Soldier Heartless
only at GameStop!

Goofy, Donald, and Sora are featured as Tron.
Available only at Toys “R” Us!

Halloween Goofy, Donald, and Sora
are exclusive to Hot Topic!

Coming in December!

Pop! Disney: Kingdom Hearts S2

A brand new series of Kingdom Hearts characters
are coming to Pop!

This series features the Keyblade Sora
and his best friends Kairi and Riku!

Rounding out the series comes the dangerous enemy, Heartless!
Look for the glow chase of Heartless.
A rarity of 1-in-6!

Get them for a great price, here!

Find final form of Sora only at Best Buy!

Sora in Brave from only at Toys “R” Us!

Coming in December!

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