Coming Soon: Sailor Moon Pop! Keychains, & Wave 2 Funko Pop!s

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The newest wave of Sailor Moon Pop! Keychains and Pop!s are here!

Pop! Keychain: Sailor Moon W2

You can now take Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon with you on the go!
Now featured as a Pop! Keychain.

Coming in November! 

Pop! Anime: Sailor Moon W2 

This wave of Sailor Moon Pop!s includes Sailor Neptune,
Sailor Saturn, Sailor Uranus – complete with her Space Sword,
the law abiding Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Chibi Moon!

We found these for a great price, here!

Look for the commander of the Dark Kingdom- Queen Beryl exclusive.
Only at Toys “R’” Us!

A glitter version of Sailor Chibi Moon can
only be found at Barnes & Noble.

Coming in November!

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