Coming Soon: Dragon Ball Super Funko Pop!s

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Coming Soon: Dragon Ball Super Funko Pop!s

Dragon Ball Super is now coming to Pop!

This series features Whis, complete with his scepter,
Zamasu shown with his white mohawk,
and the well-mannered Future Trunks.

Rounding out the series comes Goku Black,
wearing his Potara earring on his left ear!

Collect them all this Winter!

This series would not be complete without exclusives!
Gotenks is a Previews Exclusive,
find at your local comic shop!

SS Future Trunks can be found only at Hot Topic!

Hit is available exclusively at Toys “R” Us!

Find a glow version of Zamasu, only at Walmart!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.
Coming in January!

It’s only fitting our friends over @CapsuleCorpComics have these up for a SUPER deal!

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