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New York Comic Con



NYCC 2017 FAQs
New York Comic Con comes to Geelong and Popcultcha has you sorted for all your Funko needs.
We thought we would put together a playbook for you Popcultcha Fans to know what is happening around our release of these products.
There are going to be 3 ways in which you can purchase our Funko 2017 Fall Convention Exclusives (formerly known as NYCC Exclusives!), which we will outline below:
1. Visit our dedicated NYCC in Geelong Popcultcha Pop Up Store located at the Federal Mills in North Geelong! We have a great big space dedicated for you all with every available Funko Fall exclusive we can sell you at this store. There will be exclusives that are not available online, due to their limited nature. There will be previous event exclusives and deals-a-plenty, including the latest and greatest Funko subscription boxes, the pool of box-less Pops and much much more…. Come on down and see us!
We are open Friday 6th October 9am to 7pmSaturday 7th 10am to 5pmSunday 8th 10am to 5pmand then we are CLOSED! The location of this store is West Mills #3 , The Federal Mills, Mackey Street, North Geelong. For those heading down from Melbourne, it is the Melbourne-side of the Geelong City, so we should be nice and convenient for you this year.
2. You can also check out our Geelong Supastore at 124-128 Moorabool Street in the City this weekend, they too will have these exclusives in store in a very limited quantity.
3. Last but not least, for all you folks out there not in and around GeeTROIT Toy City, you can buy these exclusives via our online store at www.popcultcha.com. A couple of very important points to note for all our online customers:
(a) Yep, our website falls over due to demand. Yep, we have tried a number of 3rd parties to assist our business around this and each time we have experienced issues around your experience on the site. We are as frustrated about this as you guys and we have been continuing to work on finding a solution to best serve you guys. As such, things will play out a little differently this time around.
(b) The Popcultcha Queue! For this event, you will be placed in a cyber queue (at least that’s what we’re calling it). If you get to the website early (i.e.. before 9am on Friday), there is no advantage, as everyone will be randomly placed in the queue come the start time at 9am. Please note, this is a queue to access the website to buy the exclusives and you will be re-directed to our Queue Page. Don’t stress, at all times you will be able to see where you are in the queue and how long it will take before you can begin shopping. Once you are re-directed back onto the site, you are good to go. This is the fairest way for us to ensure you guys get access to these exclusives in an orderly and organised fashion. Think of it as being on the line ride in South Park…
(c) Not every exclusive will be in stock at 9am on Friday. We experienced some manufacturing delays/issues which we are working to try and rectify now. As such, there will be a mix of “IN STOCK” and “PRE-ORDER” items available for this event. If you want your order shipped faster, we recommend you only purchase IN STOCK items in one particular order. If you wish to mix your order with IN STOCK and PRE-ORDER items, there may be up to 7-10 business days in shipping your order whilst we prepare all the necessary items. So, we suggest doing two orders, one for IN STOCKS and another for PRE-ORDERS. Please note, you can do this without having to re-join the queue.
(d) Popcultcha Pennies will be disabled for this event. In an effort to try and make your experience better in shopping this event, we have unfortunately had to disable Popcultcha Pennies. This will take effect from midnight Thursday 5th October and will continue through to 9am Monday 8th October. As such, you will not be able to earn or redeem Popcultcha Pennies. Your Pennies are safe though, we have Scrooge McDuck sitting atop them at the moment and he has everyone’s earmarked! They will be visible in your account again on Monday.
(e) We cannot combine or make changes to orders. If you at some time choose to place more than one order on our site during this event, each order will be processed individually, please don’t request this as it will unfortunately be denied during this frenzied selling period and will only take time away from processing customer orders.
(f) All Exclusive items from the SDCC event will be marked as (RS), and will not be able to be sold to, or sent to Customers in the U.S. or Canada. For more on what this means, please check our Restricted Shipping FAQ.
(g) An item in your cart is not secure until you have a successful check out. The demand for these products far outweighs the supply unfortunately. If you experience trying to check out and an item in your cart is now sold out, you will need to delete that item from your cart and re-try the check out.
As we touched on earlier, historically, we have fallen victim to IT failures due to the volume of demand around this event. As we do every year, we make increased changes to all of our systems and structures, we incur significant cost in doing so, however we simply cannot guarantee that you will not experience issues, that’s just frenzied online sales! We rely on 3rd parties expertise around this and we are all striving for a successful event in 2017. Hopefully the new Popcultcha Queue will be a positive experience for our customers.
If there are issues, our teams and staff will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to rectify and service you guys and gals as best we can here at Popcultcha.
Peace and Good Luck!
Ash Howard

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