New Item on Funko Shop! : Pop! Zodiac: Scorpio Freddy Funko

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Today’s exclusive item is…





Pop! Zodiac: Scorpio Freddy Funko

$15.00 each – Limit 1 per customer


Scorpio Freddy Funko is joining the Zodiac line of Pop!s!


Scorpios are born between October 23 and November 21. They are typically passionate and determined, and are known to be great leaders!


The Scorpio Freddy Funko Pop! is a Funko Shop limited edition exclusive.



FunKlub Giveaway!


One lucky FunKlub member will be randomly selected to win the prototype for this week’s item pictured above, the Scorpio Freddy Funko Pop! The winner will be announced next week!


Congratulations to Angela Accardi for winning our last giveaway, the Fall Convention Exclusive NYC Freddy Funko Pop!




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