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New Item on Funko Shop! Pop! Monster: Pickelz

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Today’s exclusive item is…





Introducing our next Pop! Monster!

$15.00 each – Limit 1 per customer


Picklez has finally emerged in Wetmore Forest!


This spry little creature moves a mile a minute. Whether she is flitting from tree branch to tree branch like a squirrel, or sliding head first down the trunk of a fallen cedar tree, this little gal rarely stands still.


When Picklez is in a mood, the others don’t dare rest and relax because they know this little long eared rascal is sure to be up to no good and ready to prank them with a scare or a trick. It’s all in good fun but it’s Picklez that always gets the last laugh.


Add Picklez to your Pop! Monsters family today!



FunKlub Giveaway!


One lucky FunKlub member will be randomly selected to win the whole gang from Wetmore Forest- all six Pop! Monsters! The winner will be announced next week!


Congratulations to Deannie Wong for winning our last giveaway, the Scorpio Freddy Funko Pop! proto!




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