Funko Q&A Recap

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Question Answer
Time for our Twitter Q&A! We’re going to answer as many questions as we can for the next hour! What do you want to…
i have 2 young anakins and 4 or 5 darth vaders are we ever going to get anakin from the c… We are definitely looking into the Clone Wars……..
when does pickle rick and the black panther exclusives come out? Pickle Rick is out now! Black Panther should be on shelves now, too.
can we get a @doctorwho_bbca adipose please? @DoctorWho_BBCA we made one!
is there any new star wars pops on the way? yes. you know there’s a new movie coming this year, right?
how excited should we be about toy fair this year? Pants-wettingly excited
any more game of thrones pops coming out soon? pay attention to our NYTF reveals!
are there any friends pop figures? yes, but most are vaulted at this point
News on that soon…
can we get cuphead vnyls That’s a great idea!
why wasn’t #blackpanther chosen to represent the @collectorcorp box next month, when the film is released? We don’t personally pick the themes, but that’s a reasonable question. We’re very excited for the movie…
pineapple or pizza or pineapple on pizza? Pizza, but do as you wish.
can i get a shoutout from my favorite homies?? Whisper down!
so many new music pops! any chance of more rappers? 👀 Give us your Top 5
baby driver? vroom vroom
overwatch pop wave 3? Stay tuned for info coming VERY soon…..
will there ever be a second wave of harry potter funkos? any chance you could make a tonks one? 🙏 There’s definitely more Harry Potter planned. No word on Tonks for now but that’s a great idea!
any plans for doctor who rock candy ?
is every day casual friday at funko hq? More like black tie Tuesday ; (
you’ll find out come Toy Fair!
can i het a free funko pop? Which Pop! figure?
when puppet pop guys? Can’t. Stop. Watching. GIF
how much money do i need to save up for the avengers infinity war line? More than $100 but less than $1000
since it’s #winniethepoohday, have you thought about doing one of pooh pop-ing (😉) out of a hunny pot? That… sounds… ADORABLE
what’s a guy gotta do to get more parks and rec? Just hang on for a few weeks…..
why did we got a cheap plastic cup in the sb sith box? i mean, everyone was waiting for a rule of two with pops… What’s a Rule of Two with Pops?
90s shows such as full house or that 70s show? Great shows!
are there any fantastic beasts pops coming soon? That’s a safe bet!
prequel pops? anakin Have you seen the Walgreens exclusive Young Anakin?
also make youtuber pops? i have several i’d love to have! Unlikely……
is that because i didn’t shoutout the strain first? Correct
are you working on some new game of thrones pops ? Always
What WON’T you see at Toy Fair?
any plans for more pops based on directors, actors, or music artists? Absolutely!
can we get a real sansa stark funko? i know a lot of people are waiting for one “Real,” like alive? Sophie Turner might have some issues with that.
great giveaway Thank you Paul 😌
everyone is porg crazy and i’m like ‘where my loth-cat at?” #starwarsrebels #starwars Fair
how do you know if you win one of the giveaways? We DM the winners on Twitter, so you’ll get a direct message from us. We also announce all the win…
hi, funko! :d hum… legion pops? :d that would be awesome!!!! 😁😁😁😁 A-greed
will we see some more walking dead characters that have passed on? cough cough beth Passed on or passed on and rose again?
what’s the funkast crew’s favorite dcoms? and what dcom would you like to see pops from? my answer i… ZENON
will we see some more walking dead characters that have passed on? cough cough beth Nothing to share now, but maybe one day. Until then, you should see a doctor about that cough. Som…
anything you can say about emerald city exclusives? We can say we’ll have them!
Just thinking of those poor little younglings has us too sad to even use force lightning for a day or two……..
All great ideas! Which 90’s cartoon Pop!s would you like to see next?
what’s the biggest selling pop ever? line, character etc. 10″ Gladiator Hulk was the BIGGEST. As far as quantity, which do you think we’ve sold the most of?
when are we getting our red hood pop? y’all laggin don’t lose faith just yet
any hints towards what we might see at toy fair? Stuff AND things!
will we be getting more horror pops in 2018? You can count on it!
since the making fun premiere is next week. can we expect a new freddy? You can expect a wonderful time and maybe a hearty handshake from @CSSully
what’s the one that got away? a pop or something you wanted to make but just couldn’t get done, for… There’s a few, but Kilgrave comes to mind……
i have always been curious as to if celebs get a cut of the pops made in their likeness? Depends on their specific deal. It’s a licensing issue.
i’m confused because these two porgs are in different sizes. which size is accurate? We’re not Porg experts, but I believe they’re at different life cycles
you did a poll a bit ago about dctv and many people answered. my pick was prometheus from… later this year
more info on funko fundays 2018 plsssss?? More? There shouldn’t be ANY info yet!
one thing inside the loc green lantern box? There is more than one thing in the box. We can confirm that. More details… eventually.
can there be a cosmo the spacedog in the february box please We’ve made Cosmo as a Pop! & Dorbz!
how do you decide the winners? Winners are chosen randomly.
bananas in pajamas
Heck yeah
are u going to do any riverdale pops Yes! They’re available at @HotTopic!
Who would you like to see as a Pop!?
favorite winnie the pooh character? Kylo Ren
are there any more exclusive walking dead pops planned this wave? or any vynl for twd? yes!
do you love me? Uh, sure…..
how are you doing? Doing great, how are you?
is it time for something sweet? 😁 This sounds like a trap
if you get a movie license, can you make all characters or do you need actor approval as well? i.e.… Depends on the license actually. Each has their own restrictions.
star wars: the clone wars pops? ever? Yes. Working on it.
greys anatomy pops? What characters would you like to see?
Great questions so far! We’re about halfway through our Q&A! What do you want to know? #AskFunko #WinnieThePoohDay
any reveals for the london toy fair? That’s what the fair is for. Not too much longer.
when do the cuphead pops come out!? 😩 …asking for a friend 👀☕️ They should be out next month!
which funko pop sold the least Oh, now we can’t reveal ALL our secrets…….
when are you going to show the official design of the padmé pop? When it’s officially announced. Which it isn’t. So maybe it’s not a real thing? Or maybe it is? 🙃
any chance of some glow pops? ☺ We love that show! Who should we make?
please tell me there are more spastik plastic pops on the way. it’s my favorite line of pops! Then ye shall be happy soon
this is a long shot and the movie doesn’t come out till 2019.. but any chance we’ll get shazam pops? 🤔🤔 Very likely
will you (please please please) make a daniel day-lewis pop, any of his roles, as a gift (to me) for him retiring If we did, it would have to be this. Milkshake or nothing.
what do you think porg tastes like? what do you think blue milk tastes like? Porg: tastes like space puffin Blue milk: Froot Loops covered in seaweed
@joereid @williambgoss @theticktv i fucking hate you guys. @joereid @williambgoss @TheTickTV language…….
honey honey honey honey ? honey honey
oooh what about scooby doo funkos?? i’d love a velma funko sm Like this?
can you give us any info about the box of fun @ the making fun premiere? # of pop! or dorbz, anythin… We’re pretty excited about the premiere itself 😎
any chance of getting some greatest showman pops? any chance of a RT from @ZacEfron because we love him asking for a friend
1. kanye west 2. chance the rapper 3. danny brown 4. mf doom 5. migos #5 is cheating because that is 3 people…
thank you for this awesome prize!!!! Congrats again, Justin!
it’s the fifth time you answer this question with a joke, come on. why you hate that guy so much?! Let’s make it an even half dozen then……
western pops? like clint eastwood? fellow clint’s? Which of his movies first?
what pop(s) will be in the february disney treasures box? 😊😊 There’s a teaser video going up tonight! 🤭
will we have a store in other country like france ? no plans to open more Funko stores right now 😐
what about adult anakin? i’m still waiting… We hate sand.
how long does it take for a funko to be designed, approved, and produced? Usually about 4 months, give or take
how has there not been a #kidsinthehall funko pop collection? Reasonable question. We’d love one!
would y’all ever make friday night lights funkos? We’d love to make our friend @ScottPorter in Pop! form so yes we would!
would you consider re-releasing certain figures from years ago that you can’t find retail… Unlikely we would un-vault them but we may redesign some characters in order to bring them back on the market
would you consider re-releasing certain figures from years ago that you can’t find retail… Probably not, but we’ve been bringing some characters back in different poses- like MOTU recently as one example!
i want dante from coco as a spirit animal. You want Dante to be your spirit guide?
hang on, which toy fair? will we see new things as early as london toy fair or do we have to wait until new york toy fair? Yes
any plans for saturday night live pops?? :d
what should i have for dinner? A pot of honey.
what’s your favorite cayde-6 quote? This is Cayde-6 from the Vanguard. I realize this is an abuse of the Tower P.A., but whoever took my S…
i’m fine with that! i just need a ursula that i don’t pay $70 for Hot Topic got a new Ursula!
any new rey or kylo ren pops coming soon? Maaaaaaybe
Like, Eleven from Stranger Things? YES. We have made several.
the kids from end of the f***cking world Great show!
i want another steve harrington since the one you have is so hard to get ahold of 😢 A reasonable request…..
would y’all ever make youtuber pops? No current plans – sorry!
saga pops still coming this month? Look for them to arrive in stores next month!
can i have a porg pop? Kylo hates porgs. And sand.
is there any chance we could see more twin peaks characters or at least a david lynch funko pop? Nothing to report at this time, but that doesn’t mean never.
We have time for a few more questions! #AskFunko #WinnieThePoohDay
what is the design for the new ursula? Not sure about what they currently have in stores but this is pretty recent, plus they have a glitter…
are there celebrity funko pops as well? We’ve made @jamesgunn and @hardwick so we’re gonna say yes
will you ever be making a millie bobby brown at the golden globes pop? that is a very specific request
when are you making popeye, doug funny, thundercats? We made ThunderCats!
i think pops are the only things i’ve ever collected. You chose wisely
any red dwarf pops coming? no plans but that would be amazing
will we be getting more motu this year? Have you already picked up all the latest ones?
what about the idea of people being able to head to a location, or pop-up and being able to get a sc… Neat idea!
when will we see the official picture and date of the jurassic park funko pops?
anakin hates sand. i bet kylo would go to the beach if rey asked him to. 😳
i tweeted u a list of the pops i wanted and probably other people want just check out my twitter to see the tweet Right on. Keep it real.
is there gonna be a taurus freddy funko pop?! Yes, probably between April and May 🔮
@funkonorm when you gonna answer me @FunkoNorm Right now!
dear mr. funko, what about pops! of #thegifted? I don’t know about The Gifted but I would appreciate the correct honorific of Sir Funko
any new marvel pops? Yeah – we might make a couple this year.
i’ve asked so many and have gotten no answers😭 Sup
community troy and abed This is the darkest timeline…..
Inspector Spacetime or bust……
anybody else wondering what’s happening with the amy pond that was on the back of the 1st doctor box… It’s a secret
anybody else wondering what’s happening with the amy pond that was on the back of the 1st doctor box…
*answer No plans for now!
We’re working on plans now and we’ll let you know soon how you can watch it!
do you have any fern gully ones? not YET
how many infinity war pops are coming out with the movie this year??? There’s an Infinity War movie? Kidding – news on that coming as we get closer to the movie.
thank you funko No – thank YOU, Mike
do you have an official date that hot topic will release the rupaul collection??? i’m checking everyday 😩 Hey friends at @HotTopic do you guys have an update?
will you guys be at london toyfair? 😊 Yes!
will we be getting more female singers in the future? my favorite pop of all time is the amy winehou… working on some now – stay tuned!
will we ever be expecting a withered bonnie pop?
anakin is the best!!!! please make one!!! come on your making me cry! 😢
will there be more riverdale pops We hope so! What other characters would you like to see?
do you notfy the winners? Nah. They just have to “feel” that they’ve won.
That does it for this week! Thanks for all the great questions and we’ll see you next time! @ash_anderson24…