Funko Twitter Q&A Recap 3/29

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Time for a Funko Q&A! We’re going to answer as many questions as possible for the next hour! What would you like to…
any plans for another nfl wave? Oh yeah! Who do you want to see us make next?
ever consider #friends pops? We made Friends Pop!s a few years ago!
where’s this week’s podcast? Tomorrow!!
what’s your favorite kind of causal footwear? This is kind of big Q! Are you looking for socks or shoes or just in general?
any plans for more disney parks exclusives? Stay tuned for more info!
will there be a 3rd series for motu? Nothing to report now, but it’s possible and we hope so.
@gorillaz funko pop someday? :'( @gorillaz What are your Top 3 Gorillaz songs?
what happened to the junkrat funko pop He’s in the new wave!
when these exclusives are released are they designed by your team or original ideas from that certai… Our designers create all of our designs but they work closely with the licesor!
loving the 80’s nostalgia! how about some jem & the holograms pops? They would be outrageous!
are we gonna get any new horror pops this year? Seems likely.
why don’t you sell on your own store online We do.
*slides you $5* @luciferonfox would make some really good pops…. @LuciferonFOX
when can we expect an unboxing for marvel collector corp? April 16th!
any hints on infinity war box? Think big
not a question as much as a suggestion…. 80s bands pops!! Great idea! Which bands should we make?
any plans for more ad icons on the funko shop soon? Perhaps 🤔
any plans for killer klowns from outer space funko pop’s ? No plans for now but that would be a cool idea!
in general, could be cozy sunday in or a saturday morning famers market!
what do you want from westworld season 2? 🤖 Definitely more twists & justice!!
do you think all the digital funko items i hoard on @quidd will be priceless in the future oasis? #readyplayerone @quidd Yes.
will you ever pick me to win a pop? We’ve narrowed it down. The answer is either Yes or No.
Unfortunately, we won’t be at C2E2 this year. Have fun at the show!
i’ve asked this a few times but never got a response. is there any chance for slipknot pops in the future? “Any chance?” Just about anything is possible, but we don’t have any information for you at this time.
have u made any tekken figures? We have!
Yes, we do have plans to make more anime shows! Which other anime shows would you like to see us make?
when are you gonna do an unboxing of the disney treasures? i know we got the pop reveal but i’m impatient 😂 April 2nd! 😊
@guyswrx i think @hasselbeck with the cast would be solid. @guyswrx @Hasselbeck Hi Walter! We’re big fans of yours! #GoHawks
any new kingdom hearts pops That seems likely!
any plans for more harry potter? Yes!
do we have to have sdcc tickets to buy funko fun day tickets No – the two are separate.
How do you celebrate #InternationalMermaidDay?
@guyswrx @hasselbeck thank you. keep up the good work. if you guys need some advice on how to make a… @guyswrx @Hasselbeck We’re in Everett, come visit us anytime!!
is it too early to ask when fundays tickets will go sale? Yes 😆
Great questions so far! Keep them coming! #AskFunko
do you have any oversight of the stores you give exclusives? for example, i have a friend that works… Pretty sure it was online only in this case.
will there be anymore disney funky pops Of course!
do you guys do pop figures for animes/manga like fairy tail? (probably stupid question but all i see… Yes! We do make Fairy Tail 😊
where can i find baby hercules and baby pegasus? Should be in stores soon!
any upcoming new wwe pops? Affirmative.
man that was quick lol
and like usual, you never respond to this question when anyone asks it. Unfortunately, the Bedtime Bear Pop! went live on Funko Shop earlier this week and has since sold out.
why did you have room for “twelfth doctor” on a funko pop but didn’t include clara oswald’s last nam…
favorite ice cream flavor ? since non of my pop related questions are being answered 😿 Mint chocolate chip, Coffee ice cream, peppermint & cookies and cream.
any more director pops ? Entirely possible, but nothing to announce right now.
gonna try one more time. any news on those @thecwsupergirl pops ? @TheCWSupergirl Nothing to share at this time.
what are the chances of receiving a chase variant when buying from the funko store? or does it depend on the pop? You have a better chance of finding a chase at #FunkoHQ! Our store team frequently restocks chases!
been a lot of rumors about new dragonball pops, can you confirm anything? We can confirm we will confirm when we’re ready to confirm 😆
Awww look at that merpup :’) #InternationalMermaidDay
the mad max fury road line is amazing! any idea if pop! rides are in the works for this line? if any… That’s a great idea!
will there ever be any figures from like rudolph and santa claus is coming to town or frosty anythin… We have in the past! Maybe more when Christmas rolls back around!
will there ever be any figures from like rudolph and santa claus is coming to town or frosty anythin… Some of those have been out for years now.
@skinnylegend22 is it time for an ice cream funko? 🤔 @skinnylegend22 Always! 🍨
who is going to win the world series? The @EverettAquaSox probably
That does it for this week! Thanks for the great questions and we’ll see you next time! @CSSully @HilaryLGray…

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