Funko Twitter Q&A Wrap Up 4/19/18 #AskFunko

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Question Answer
Time for a Funko Twitter Q&A! We’re going to answer as many questions as possible for the next hour! What do you wa…
funko grumpy bear flocked.. when is this coming out ? new store that will carry this exclusive? News coming soon! It will come out.
are you releasing powerpuff girls mystery minis is it true ?? !!! 🙏🙏 No news on that, unfortunately. Thanks for the question!
when is toucan sam coming out? 🤔 hmmmm….when it could it be?
i gotta give props to the new sulley pop! the technique of eye and teeth inserts led to a cleaner lo… Thank you!
any chance of hocus pocus? there’s definitely a chance
where are the pickle ricks! xd Some out now, more on the way!
why do you never put end dates on your twitter giveaways or announce when they’re over to everyone? That’s not how we roll 😏
how do you guys figure out which exclusive goes where? It’s a decision we make in concert with the retailer and with the licensor
are you ever going to make psych pops? “Ever” is a long range. Nothing planned at the moment, but maybe one day.
any anakin from episode ii or iii pops coming? Not necessarily Episode II or III BUT adult Anakin is coming….
can you guys hook me up with a stefon pop? Your desk has everything…….except a Stefon Pop!
favorite movie/character? Well that’s fairly broad. So we’re going to go with Socrates from Bill and Ted.
would you ever do youtuber funko pop figures? e.g: markiplier, jacksepticeye, dan & phil? No plans.
are we giving out stuff from @cssully ‘s desk today? @CSSully If you can name one Mystery Mini that appears on @CSSully’s desk, you win a prize. You get one guess – Go!
when will new doctor who pops be released? In good “time”. See what we did there?
are we really getting the lost boys pops? It’s been rumored. And we don’t comment on rumors. But we definitely want a sexy sax man Pop!
any chance you guys are releasing the greatest showman funkos? Not currently in development but you never know!
Do you want them?
how about more female pops in the ‘pop rocks’ category? a debbie harry one would be pretty awesome. AGREED
what happened to tourist genie?! after seeing his mock up, i’m desperate for answers! <3 Nothing is official until we announce it.
how many funkos do you own? ALL OF THEM
have you ever thought possibly about lucifer pops? #asklfunko
you gotta make a rey island journey with poncho!!!!! we aren’t against it!
how do i get the (wounded) dr. ian malcom target exclusive?!?! it’s sold out everywhere i need this More stock is coming – stay tuned for details!
you guys should make @nbcsuperstore pops! @NBCSuperstore
lol i don’t believe that lol where would you store them all In another dimension. But also the plural of Funko is Funkii.
are y’all going to make any male rock candy? like nightwing? Omg we love the idea of a Nightwing Rock Candy!!! (We made Harry Potter!)
where those #wynonnaearp funko’s at? 😇
jurassic park movie moment pops? Which moment would you want to see?
you announced a veronica rock candy. what about the other ladies of #riverdale? will other licenses… More Riverdale is coming. Who else would you like to see as Rock Candy?
i think you made funkii up lol anyway i must sleep take care Sleep well!
a new lord of the rings wave? – galadriel – gimli – gandalf the white – elrond – a new sauron 6″ Great ideas! We shall see……
is punisher 2099 cancelled? We have not heard that, no.
any possibilities for pop! movie moments from infinity war? i’d like to see this as a movie moment.… There are definitely movie moments on the way!
i need a ken griffey jr pop… help me out Hmmmm. Well……that could happen. Maybe. We’ll see.
when is the release for gitd david pumpkins three pack? Fall-ish
please, can you make spyro ones for when the game comes out like you did with crash bandicoot? Maaaaaaaybe
any more ragnarok pops?? You’re gonna want to watch our SDCC reveals in June
ken griffey jr pop promotion is in late sept, any hints on variations similar to king felix No hints yet, but his Pop! will be legendary – Just like him.
is funko apart of the illuminati? We are definitely apart from the Illuminati.
is there a mr. darcy pop? We made this version!
is funko apart of the illuminati? If we told you we would be reprimanded by @Beyonce. Oh great… you’ve done it.
is funko apart of the illuminati? NO WE AREN’T EVERYONE SHUT UP AND STOP ANSWERING THIS
@beyonce *calling fbi* @Beyonce
talk show hosts ? We already made @hardwick and @JohnOliverMP and @ConanOBrien!
what if we called it edgar allan pop No. Just no.
when will you make the office or always sunny pops!!!!
when is the mudtrooper being released from solo? and can this question count as my pre-order so i am first in line? Closer to the movie. And no. 😛
have you guys ever thought about making pops that change color on temperature? Like Mood Ring Pops?
i want some george michael pops!
can you make me as a pop? We cannot. It’s a legal thing.
nintendo pops. yay or nay or… possiblay? Nothing to report at the moment.
any news on the flocked sulley? we’re all dying to have his fuzziness in our collection! We have a flocked Sully sitting right here —–> @CSSully
any more fnaf on the way? Seems likely!
you guys have done pops, dorbz, and even rock candy for scott pilgrim, any chance of a scott and ram… Interesting idea. We’ll all find out as we get closer to SDCC.
are there anymore funko digital games in the works? loved the mushberry challenge! definitely lookin… Perhaps! Stay tuned…
why haven’t you teamed up with nintendo yet? youd make so much money and pops! do they not wanna do it? It’s complicated. Just like our relationship with @MoonPie
wave 2 of infinity war pops release? It might happen. Let’s wait til the movie comes out and then see what happens.
what’s your favorite comic book series that’s not marvel or dc? Saga, Wicked + Divine, Motor Crush to name a few!
will there be a new twilight wave? @kellanlutz @ashleymgreene @jacksonrathbone @nikkireed_i_am… @kellanlutz @AshleyMGreene @JacksonRathbone @NikkiReed_I_Am @peterfacinelli @reasereaser No current plans.
where will the toys r us flocked sulley and grumpy bear be released? when? Yes. We will update when we know for certain.
anybody gonna answer my questions? i always get the shaft during these 🙁 No news for now on on your previous questions!
can you make all retailers let us pre-order store exclusives through their store?supply and demand! It’s up to the retailers if they want to do that.
is the toucan sam ad icon pop actually coming out, because i saw a post about it and a picture but i…
funko got me wheezing Better get that checked out
This is a serious illness
how many different funko pop figures are currently existing? Thousands if you count variants. Which we do.
when will we get 90210 pops! ? yes…i’m serious 😁 #savedbythebell #everyothertvshowever #nationalhighfiveday Nothing in the works at the moment.
will there be more “marvel studios first 10 years” pops? Very likely
any chance of the blog post for the deadpool exclusive pop!s actually getting posted. so, we can see those sweet sweet glams! Working on it now. Thanks for letting us know.
what x-men pops can you tease us?
any info on when to expect the funko cereal? No news for now! Hopefully we’ll have some news SPOON haha : )
what was the best selling character / pop last year? We don’t know exactly, but Bob Ross did pretty darn well!
would you consider making any studio ghibli pops? They’re on our wish list!
what’s the big news for canadians?? 😶😶 We’ll be at @FANEXPOCANADA!
more ad icon pops coming? You have no idea……..stay ready.
please make funko pops for @legionfx @LegionFX
@5_foot_8_bk the people have spoken funko. @5_foot_8_BK We are well aware that people want Pokémon Pop!s. We would also like them.
i’m dying for a beethoven pop! … wild hair and all I think you mean Dave Beeth Oven, right?
Great questions so far! Keep them coming! #AskFunko #NationalHighFiveDay
any more disney parks pops coming? specifically more haunted mansion? More Disney Parks!
@geekgirldiva @josephscrimshaw @obsessedpodcast gonna have to listen to this with @molliedamon. she… @geekgirldiva @JosephScrimshaw @ObsessedPodcast @MollieDamon Mollie “gets it” shout out to Mollie
ya’ll got one of those time machines so i can find out right now? Fresh out
when can we expect the next line of wwe pops to be out? i need the hardy boys! Should be early summer!
general hux pls Your wish is our command
what’s your favorite funko pop that’s been created so far? Always partial to headless Ned Stark from SDCC a few years back. But there’s a new one coming later t…
can i have a ticket to funday? like right now … sorry no.
can i have a ticket to funday? like right now Negative
*grabs your face and gets uncomfortably close* you guys should make it’s always sunny pops
any sdcc news coming in the near future? If by “near” you mean in the next month or two, then yes.
more riverdale???
i’ll give you my liver for you to do another general hux pop pls
big mouth would be awesome! We love this show. And we agree!
what are the chances you’ll ever do a beastie boys funko set? Definitely on our wish list
when can we expect the clone wars pops??? later this year
would you guys do pops for donald glover’s tv show atlanta? No plans at the moment, but that would awesome!
any chance of some other obscure rick and morty characters, such as the vindicators and dr bloom in pop form? More Rick & Morty seems likely. We’ll reveal when the time comes.
will you ever make any character from the studio ghibli movies ? We would love to.
@buttwasted @cssully @camerondeuel @yokomccann @hilarylgray holy crap! how did i snake my way into f… @Buttwasted @CSSully @camerondeuel @YokoMcCann @HilaryLGray That’s not you it’s a young Charles Nelson Reilly
10 inch wampa 10 inch ewok 10 inch r2 at-at pop ride episode 1 speed racer pops darth maul cut in half This doesn’t seem like a question?
any release dates for the new black panther set? in stores later this summer
favourite doritos flavour? (was genuinely stuck in the snacks aisle for five minutes while i tried t… Sir. We are a @buglesofficial family.
10 inch wampa 10 inch ewok 10 inch r2 at-at pop ride episode 1 speed racer pops darth maul cut in half Most of these are pure terror
what’s the update on the randy watson funko pop? when can i preorder? As soon as we have some additional info, we will share. Nothing to report yet.
any idea about when funko funday tickets will go on sale? No idea
any other announcements due on how and where the former subscription boxes will be available from, please? We’re working on the details and hope to have something to share soon.
are there any anime that you’re trying to license? evangelion? samurai champloo? made in abyss? WAIT……you need a license to make things?
can i get a high five?
how do i go about getting a pop made of myself? How are your customizing skills?
how much later 7
@heathersnodgr11 @walgreens ordered, thanks for the tip! really disappointed with funko communicatio… @HeatherSnodgr11 @Walgreens Once the product is in the retailers hands, it’s out of our control!
when does the stranger things: wave 5 come out? i heard may at first, but i heard from someone that… We haven’t heard of any delays. Should still be may.
anything good in the works for nycc this? You better believe it
any plans on those three stooges pops? none that we know of
sdcc game of thrones ? Perhaps. 😋
can you please respond with a straight answer as to when olenna will get her well deserved pop?
Clearly you don’t know us very well…….
i will keep retweeting until i win something! sorry followers lol NEVER APOLOGIZE
can you guys/gals tone down the awesomeness of your products. i hate i can’t have em all. for serious.
can i have a 2016 sdcc indiana jones pop? nah.
horrible lol. Well then it’s not gonna go great
can you – in theory, mind you – melt a pop! vinyl and make it into a vinyl record? if so, which one do you recommend?! porg?😄
hello? anyone answering? any more gears of war planned? Hi. Nothing to share at this time.
how do you deside on the quantities of pops you make of each one? It’s called demand-planning. We work with the retailers to try to understand demand. It’s all very science-y.
with retailers getting the subscription boxes now, are we still going to see a new one every other month? 😁😁 Details on the boxes will be revealed as they move to retailers. We don’t have those details at this time.
who has the record high game at your bowling alley? i’m going to guess butcher. Hilary almost bowled a perfect game once
wait is there a bob ross pop? this is very important there are several. even one of deadpool as bob ross. we didn’t want to make that one but…
any news when bullet club pops will release? this summer!
more player mlb pops? You bet! Who else would you like to see?
@vader7066 all i see are bootlegs @vader7066 We definitely don’t already have them
are we gonna get a new “retro” mr. incredible now that the incredibles 2 stuff is coming out? maybe!
is it still possible to have pretty little liars pops ?? let’s just say that @HilaryLGray is in your corner
hey funko i think it would be an amazing idea if you guys came out with yzma cat as a chase variant… WOW
damage darth vader from rebels when he went one v one with ahsoka that would be pretty cool, no doubt
@peridot_rabbit been doing that for three years, still trying @Peridot_Rabbit Best of luck to you both!
i won’t be satisfied until y’all make a @mojorawleywwe pop! when’s that gonna happen??😂 @MojoRawleyWWE You have broski in your name but you want a Mojo Pop!? 🤔
any plans to release more saga pops? i think ghüs and sweet boy deserve it Definitely in the works!
you’ve answered all of my questions does that mean we can be friends
is it me that the star wars pop’s bases can no longer be removed? It’s definitely you. You’ve lost some strength, it seems. Kidding. They’re now permanently attached. With the force.
any more larger star wars pops coming? Define larger.
whichi team will win the nba finals? Well @CSSully says the Rockets but the rest of us think probably Hufflepuff
will we see more pop ad icons soon? oh you bet!
We don’t know much about sports but this seems legit.
10 inch? or similar to atst chewbacca 10″ shirtless kylo or bust.
modern family funkos!? (i’m gonna ask every week until i get an answer fam) There is no news on Modern Family Funko figures at this time.
That does it for this week! Thanks for the great questions and we’ll see you next time! @HilaryLGray…