Funko at San Diego Comic Con: 7/19-7/22 2018

With SDCC 2018 a little over a month away, this will be the page you’ll want to bookmark!

It will be updated every day that there is new information (E: Placeholder Link, Reveals)

Official announcements have started (6/18)

Remember that all Placeholder Links will NOT go live until the 19th of July 2018


Riverdale Josie Pussycat

Skeeter Valentine

Ren and Stimpy 2 Pack

GITD Nearly Headless Nick – Harry Potter

Harry Potter – Moaning Myrtle

Chris Hardwick Variant

Amy Pond Rock Candy

Jessica Jones Rock Candy

4 Pack


Asuka WWE S8

Stinkor – MOTU

Thor – Valkyrie

Kingdom Heart – Mickey Unhooded

Moana – Neon Tamatoa

GOT – Olenna Tyrell

Wreck it Ralph – Ralph and Felix (8 bit)

Parks & Rec – Ron (Cornrows)

Saga – Ghus (Flocked)

Royal Tenenbaums Vynl


Official Announcements


Pop! Animation: Sailor Moon – Black Lady

Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Dead Yamcha

Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Super Saiyan Broly

Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Gold Vegeta

Pop! Animation: Heavy Metal – Bloody Taarna

Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Super – Metallic Whis

Star Wars

Pop! Star Wars: Clone Wars – Cad Bane

Pop! Star Wars: Solo: A Star Wars Story – Imperial Stormtrooper


Pop! Television: Teen Titans Go! – Killer Moth

Pop! Heroes: Red Hood

Pop! Heroes: Justice League – Running Flash

Pop! Heroes: Justice League – The Flash Chrome 3-pack (Gold/Red/Silver)


Placeholder Links

Hot Topic

Description Link
Pop! Clone Wars – Cad Bane Link



Description Link
Pop! Dragon Ball Super – Metallic Whis


Description Link


Think Geek

Description Link


Books a Million

Description Link


Barnes and Noble

Description Link
Nearly Headless Nick


Box Lunch

Description Link


Funko Shop

Description Link


Entertainment Earth

Description Link
Black Bolt & Lockjaw GITD 2 Pack PX Previews Link
Jabba’s Palace Backpack & Pencil Holder Link
Batman Video Game 8- Bit Pop! Link



Description Link



Description Link



Description Link



Description Link


Toy Tokyo

Description Link
Dragon Ball Z – Gold Vegeta
Heavy Metal – Bloody Taarna



Description Link
Skeeter Valentine
Ren & Stimpy 2 Pack


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