More Funko Pops Added to the Leaked/Rumored SDCC 2018 List

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Riverdale Josie Pussycat

Skeeter Valentine

Ren and Stimpy 2 Pack

GITD Nearly Headless Nick – Harry Potter

Harry Potter – Moaning Myrtle

Chris Hardwick Variant

Jessica Jones Rock Candy

4 Pack


Stinkor – MOTU

Clone Wars Bounty Hunter – Cad Bane

Thor – Valkyrie

Kingdom Heart – Mickey Unhooded

Moana – Neon Tamatoa

GOT – Olenna Tyrell

DBS – Dead Tamacha

DBZ – Broly

Wreck it Ralph – Ralph and Felix (8 bit)

Sailor Moon – Black LAdy

Parks & Rec – Ron (Cornrows)

Saga – Ghus (Flocked)

The Flash – Flash Running (Transparent)

Royal Tenenbaums Vynl

Justice League 3 Pack

Killer Moth with Silkie – Teen Titans



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