Coming Soon: Funko Wetmore Forest Monsters!

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The largest wave of Wetmore Forest products Funko has ever released
is now available for order by independent specialty retailers.
The monsters of Wetmore Forest come in all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities
which are reflected in the range of Wetmore-themed products coming this September!
Order minimum of $500 worth of Wetmore Forest product and receive a Wetmore Forest display!

The crew includes previous introduced monsters such as playful Tumblebee
and mischievous Picklez as well as newly introduced characters including the sage
Sapwood Mossbottom and scheming Magnus Twistknot. All 14 of the current monsters
are available as jumbo plushies and 7” regular sized plushies.

New characters!

Adorable Bling Bag Keychain Plush monsters including Butterhorn, Snuggle-Tooth,
Bugsy Wingnut and more are available in nine-piece quantities.

All 14 monsters including previously introduced monsters
Butterhorn, Tumblebee, Snuggle-Tooth, Bugsy Wingnut,
Chester McFreckle and Picklez!

And new monsters Grumble, Magnus Twistknot, Liverwort, Mulch,
Slog with Buddy Grub, Sapwood Mossbottom, Angus Knucklebark
and Smoots are available as Pop! Monsters.
Slog with Buddy Grub comes with a chase!

Head to our blog to find more information on each Wetmore Forest Monster!

Wetmore Forest Monsters will be showcased at the American Specialty Toy Retail Association
trade show June 11th through 13th at booth #1738!

Coming in September!

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