Coming Soon: New Horror Dorbz, Pop! & Funko Pop! Keychain!

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Dorbz: Horror – Pennywise

We all float down here.

Stephen King’s most infamous villain is ready to
leave his life in the sewers behind.
In lieu of terrorizing small children, he’ll be focusing
his efforts on a single house: yours!
The iconic clown remains terrifying even in Dorbz
form, especially the gory Pennywise Dorbz
with a piece of wrought iron through his head.

Coming this Fall!

Pop! Keychain: IT S2 

The shapeshifting Pennywise is the now a Funko Pop! Keychain!
From the popular horror film It, Pennywise is shown
with spider legs, wearing a wig or holding is terrifying red balloon!

Add a bit of horror with these Pop! Keychains
this summer, or you’ll float too!

Coming this Fall!

Pop! Horror: Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Are you a ghost who’s got a problem with the living?
Then call the ghost with the most! Beetlejuice. Just make sure
you say his name three times but be prepared for the consequences.
He’s the crudest, vilest bio-exorcist you’re likely
to meet in either the land of the living or the dead! This Pop! Horror
Beetlejuice is a celebration
of Tim Burton’s classic film and a necessary addition to any
collection dedicated to bizarre characters and worlds.

Coming in July!

Pop! Keychain: Horror – Elvira

“So, until next time  … unpleasant dreams”

The Queen of Halloween, Mistress of the Dark, proprietress
of horror and the macabre wants a space on your keychain.
And you’ll oblige her because she commands countless ghouls,
vampires, bats, demons and other assorted things that go bump in the night.
The Elvira Pop! Keychain captures her risqué style,
dramatic makeup, all-black clothing and even the beauty
mark beneath her right eye. With this keychain in hand, no
one can question your allegiance to darkness.

Look for Pop! Keychain of Elvira in red dress, only at Hot Topic!

Coming in August!