2018 SDCC Funko Exclusive Reveals: Other TV Animation!

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Including the Rick and Morty and Anime announcements
from earlier today, our TV Animation lineup for SDCC brings
together your favorites from your childhood and today!
Pop! Rides: Bob’s Burgers – Tina on Unicorn
The daydreaming, hopeless romantic Tina Belcher soars into
your collection as a Funko Pop! Ride! As Tina sips on her first
espresso she’s taken into a caffeine infused daydream,
riding her magical unicorn.

Dorbz: Ren & Stimpy – Happy Happy Joy Joy 2-pack

Hello, boys and girls! Nickelodeon’s Ren & Stimpy
available now as a Dorbz 2-pack!

Pop! TV: Masters of the Universe – Stinkor (Scented)
The “Evil Master of Odors,” Stinkor joins the 2018 SDCC lineup!
The villain from the Masters of the Universe franchise comes
with a special surprise, as this Pop! is scented.
Watch out or this Pop! might make you immobile!

Pop! Television: Masters of the Universe – Ram Man
Member of the Heroic Warriors Ram Man makes his Pop! debut
at SDCC 2018! Known for his bulky, spring-legged appearance
Ram Man is a must-have for any Masters of the Universe collector!
Vynl.: Masters of the Universe – Skeletor & Faker 2-pack
The most evil being and dangerous threat on Eternia, Skeletor
makes his Funko Vynl. debut as a 2018 SDCC exclusive! Skeletor
would not be complete without his He-Man imposter Faker!
Check back soon for more SDCC reveals!

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