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Fundays Theme Reveal & Live Stream News!

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Attention you totally tubular Funatics!

We’re like totally excited to announce that our theme for this year’s Fundays is… Funko High School Fundays Prom!

The decade? The ‘80s. Hair bands rule the stage. The Ghostbusters have somehow made proton packs cool. We learned that we are all a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal with The Breakfast Club and we’re all a little better for it. It’s time to bust out the hairspray, channel your inner Madonna and rock your best ‘80s prom look at Fundays for a chance to win some truly righteous prizes.

Are you totally bugging because you don’t have tickets to Fundays this year? Take a chill pill. We’ve got you covered with a free Fundays livestream for the first time ever. Better still, if you’re watching at home you can still get in on that sweet prize action so prep your best ‘80s look and be ready to share photos wherever you are.

Bookmark go.funko.com/fundays and tune back in on Friday, July 20th; we’ll kick things off at 7:30pm PT with the show beginning at 8:30pm! Tweet along with us using #FunkoFundays!

As always, keep an eye on @OriginalFunko for the latest updates and possible surprises!!

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