First Look at all the Funko Items Revealed at Fundays Last Night!

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  • Row 1: Pops Zoolander, Stranger Things, Ad Icons, Die Hard; Pez Marvel, Marvel Cont.
  • Row 2: Pops Target Exclusive Ad Icons, new Spastik Plastik, Married With Children, Trading Places; Pez Ad Icons, Doctor Who
  • Row 3: Pops Nickelodeon, Austin Powers, The Brady Bunch, Harry Potter; 5 Star Fallout; Pez Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Row 4: Pops Harry Potter cont., Aladdin, Rick and Morty, Fallout; 5 Star Horror; Pez Megaman/Crash
  • Row 5: Vynl Nightmare Before Christmas, Rudolph; Mystery Minis Fallout, Aladdin; 5 Star Aladdin; PezHuckleberry Hound
  • Row 6: Pez Golden Girls/Hanna Barbera, Pez Pals; more Funko Cereal; Collaboration with Medicom to make some sort of Be@rbrick; Pop Fortnite; Collaboration with Kirk Hammett to make Monster Mashups pops.

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