Coming Soon: Gremlins Vynl. & Funko Pop!

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Vynl.: Gremlins – Gizmo & Stripe

They’re uncivilized, untamed and eager to take more than
a bite out of the Big Apple.
Do you have what it takes to bring them home?

The original Gremlin, Gizmo, and his nemesis Stripe have formed
an uneasy truce and are eager to take over your house as a Vynl. duo.
Just remember: no food after midnight and don’t let the
Gremlins come into contact with water.

Coming in August!

Pop! Horror: Gremlins 2

A few of Gremlins 2’s most recognizable monsters are now
available as Pop! Vinyl collectibles.
Greta, the fabulous first female Gremlin, and the Gremlin flasher,
complete with trench coat and sunglasses to avoid easy
identification, are eager to join your collection.

Available now! 

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