Coming Soon: Aquaman Mystery Minis, Pop! Keychains and Funko Pop!

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This December Aquaman will return to the big screen
to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king

Show your Aquaman pride with Mystery Minis, Pop! keychains and Pop!

Mystery Minis: Aquaman

A Mystery Mini 12-pack featuring Aquaman shirtless, Aquaman
wearing his iconic gold and green hero suit, Aquaman Gladiator,
Aquaman Gladiator with a patina finish, Mera, Black Manta,
King Orm in gold armor, King Orm as Ocean Master, King Orm
as Ocean Master in chrome, an Atlantean Guard,
Princess Scales and Elite Commando.

Pop! Keychain: Aquaman

Chose Aquaman or Black Manta.

Pop! Heroes: Aquaman

A line of Aquaman Pop! figures include Aquaman styled
as an Atlantean Gladiator, Aquaman wearing his iconic gold
and green hero suit and holding a trident with his face exposed,
Atlantean Princess Mera, Ocean Master Orm and Black Manta.

A Pop! Mera wearing an elaborate gown and headpiece
is available as a GameStop exclusive.

An Arthur Curry Pop! with a patina finish and a Black Manta Pop!
are available as a Walmart exclusive.

An all-black Black Manta Pop! is available as a Target exclusive.

Coming in October!