Coming Soon: Funko Mickey’s 90th Anniversary!

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Disney: Mickey’s 90th Anniversary

Steamboat Willie is a 1928 animated short film steeped in history.
The first cartoon to boast a fully post-produced soundtrack making this
Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Pop! the perfect
way to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary.

Of course, Mickey’s anniversary is a huge occasion.
In honor of 90 years’ worth of adventures and entertainment, we’ve
got an army of Mickey products on the way. Some of
those are Pop! Pens depicting the mouse that started it all
in some of his earliest animated shorts. The Brave Little
Taylor Mickey Pop! keychain and the Band Concert Mickey
keychain will add visual appeal to your keychain.

We’ve got Mini Vinyl Figures including Steamboat Willie, the Socerer’s Apprentice, Band Concert Mickey, Prince Mickey, the Band Leader,
the Brave Little Tailor and many more!

In “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” the lure of a sorcerer’s hat and the
magic it might be able to form is just too much for one little apprentice.
The firefighter Mickey Pop! is the perfect way to celebrate Mickey’s
courageous and civic-minded side. Over the course of his 90-year career entertaining the world, Mickey Mouse has enjoyed countless
careers and adventures including music conductor.
The 1928 animated short film Brave Little Tailor sees Mickey Mouse
embarking on a quest to slay a giant and win the hand of a
fair maiden (Minnie Mouse, of course.)

The 10” supersized black and white Mickey Pop! is available exclusively at Target.

Coming this Fall!

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