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Pop! PEZ: Batman 1966 TV Series

It’s the candy you want and inspired by the Batman 1966 TV Series,
DC Super Heroes you love and the DC Super-Villain you love to hate.
Get your sugar fix with Batman, Robin or
The Joker PEZ dispensers and revel in the pop culture
amazingness of Pop!, PEZ and DC together at last.

The Batman PEZ dispenser includes a Chase with a pink cowl.

Coming in September!

Pop! PEZ: Bob Ross

Painter Bob Ross, host of The Joy of Painting is taking a
break from delivering happy little trees to instead provide
delicious candy as a PEZ dispenser. Pop! PEZ Bob Ross
doesn’t have hands so you’ll just have to imagine him holding
a palette filled with color.

Coming in September! 

Pop! PEZ: Quaker Oats

Cereal mascots and candy, together at last! Iconic Quaker
mascots and the equally iconic PEZ brand have teamed up, and
it’s safe to say neither candy nor collectibles
will ever be the same. No series would be complete
without Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch,
who also comes with a black and white
Chase with a one-in-six rarity.

The Cap’n’s polka dotted friend, the Crunchberry Beast
is ready to dish delicious candy out of the top of his head.
The Cap’n’s chief nemesis, Jean LaFoote is just
here to steal cereal, and possibly candy.

Quake, mascot of “the power cereal from inner space” and Quisp,
the pink alien representing the cereal from outer space
bring a certain interstellar charm to the series.

Collect these together as a Funko Shop exclusive bundle.

Coming in October!

Pop! Pez: Mega Man

Mega Man,  also known as the Blue Bomber, is taking a break from protecting
the world to instead bring sweetness and joy to all as a Pop! Pez dispenser.
A red “Magnet Missile” Mega Man dispenser offers some color variation from his iconic blue armor.

The green “Gyro Attack” Mega Man dispenser glows in the dark,
making nighttime snacking that much easier and fun,
look for it at GameStop!

Coming in October! 

Pop! PEZ: Disney: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Pay a visit to Halloween Town with Disney The Nightmare Before
Christmas-themed Pop! PEZ dispensers! Jack Skellington’s bare skull makes for
an appropriately creepy candy dispenser. Fortunately, the Sally Pez
doesn’t taste anything like deadly nightshade. Vampire Scary Teddy
might drink blood, but pop back his head for a sweet bite just the same.
The glow-in-the-dark Oogie Boogie Pez should be easy to
locate in the dark for a late-night snack. Pop back the head of the
Pumpkin King, if you dare, for a sweet bite.

Collect them all and celebrate 25 years
of Disney: The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Coming in October! 

Pop! PEZ: Star Wars

Take a journey to a galaxy far, far away with the latest
Pop! PEZ Star Wars series featuring Bossk and Greedo.
The bounty hunters are taking a break from bringing
in the Empire’s most wanted to provide a much-needed
sugar rush to fans of Funko, Star Wars, and PEZ.

Coming in October!

Pop! Pez: Sonic

The fastest hedgehog in the world is taking a break
from thwarting Doctor Eggman’s world domination plans
to deliver a much-needed sugar rush. Dispensing candy might seem
like an unusual career path for an anthropomorphic hedgehog
but there’s nothing Sonic can’t accomplish when he puts
his mind to it, whether that’s collecting gold coins, rescuing
cute bunnies from his nemesis or joining the
esteemed ranks of famous PEZ mascots.

Coming in October! 

Pop! PEZ: Crash Bandicoot

Take a break from exploring the Wumpa Islands
and collecting Wumpa Fruit and Aku Aku masks to
enjoy some PEZ. More specifically, PEZ dispended
from Crash Bandicoot’s head. Crash might have been
genetically modified by Doctor Neo Cortex but that shouldn’t
impact the flavor of the candy whatsoever.

Coming in October!

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