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Today’s exclusive item is…



Pop! Board Games: Mr. Monopoly with Money Bag


$15.00 each –  Limit of 1 item
Rich Uncle Pennybags brings a certain touch of obscene
wealth to any collection, along with the ability to
referee disagreements about the rules of Monopoly.
This Funko Shop limited edition exclusive is holding
a bag of money, which comes in handy when you’ve
just gotta buy Atlantic Avenue or Reading Railroad
or maybe just a couple tacos.


World of POP! Book: Volume 4World of POP! Book: Volume 5
World of POP! Book: Volume 6

FunKlub Giveaway!
One lucky FunKlub member will be randomly
selected to win World of Pop! Books (Volumes 4-6)!
The winner will be announced next week!
Congratulations to Stephanie Lucas for winning our last
giveaway, the Dorbz Prize Pack!


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