Funko Twitter Q&A Highlights – 9/6/18

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  • Fortnite reveals coming “soon,” possible Pinata Llama figure coming
  • More Ad Icons coming
  • More Simpsons pops a possibility
  • NYCC reveals “won’t be much longer”
  • “Nothing new to report” in regard to more Marvel TV pops
  • Plans for Star Wars Celebration 2019 Pops are well underway
  • Supergirl TV pops maybe happening “someday”
  • New Riverdale Pops confirmed to be coming with the new season
  • Boo Berry Vynl “seems likely”
  • No plans for How I Met Your Mother pops
  • “Nothing to report” in response to most questions about possible pops for The Office, Last Airbender, Lucifer, other shows, etc.
  • “Several” waves of reveals for NYCC planned