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Today’s exclusive item is…


Dorbz: Hanna-Barbera 3-pack Bundle


$25.00 each –  Limit of 1 item
Even if you weren’t an enormous Hanna-Barbera
fan—and let’s be honest, you are—this limited edition
Funko Shop Exclusive Dorbz 3-pack is worth picking up
just for how much fun you’ll have saying the
characters’ names. Hong Kong Phooey—an earnest
and not entirely competent fighter of crime—uses his
Phooeymobile to travel around fighting crime
with a lot of help from his pet cat. Peter Potamus of
The Peter Potamus Show doesn’t have his sidekick
monkey So-So with him but that’s not going to stop him from
traveling the world in his time-traveling hot air balloon.
And Ricochet Rabbit is the toughest sheriff
Hoop ‘n’ Holler’s ever seen. It doesn’t hurt that
he’s faster than a speeding bullet, which is how
quickly these blasts from the past are likely to sell out.
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this item is added to your order.**


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