Coming Soon: Cuphead Plush, Vynl., & Funko Pop!s

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Cuphead Blind Bag Keychain, Plush, Vynl. and Pop!

Your keychain game just got vastly more swell
and stylish with this 18-piece blind bag keychain plush
series celebrating Cuphead. Travel the Inkwell Isles,
helping Cuphead and Mugman reclaim their souls from the Devil.
Additional characters include Beppi the Clown, Cagney Carnation,
Cala Maria, Captain Brineybeard, and Rumor Honeybottoms — with rarities carrying from 2/18 to 3/18. And remember kids: don’t deal
with The Devil, however cute he might look cuddled up with your keys.

New Cuphead characters come to Funko Plush!

Find Ms. Chalice Plush only at GameStop!

Cuphead and Mugman are also available as an adorable Vynl. duo!

If you want to defeat Hilda Berg, Cuphead is going to have
to fly like a champion, and the Pop! Aeroplane Cuphead looks
more than up to the challenge. Ms. Chalice is also on hand to
help any players eager to make a double jump to victory.
Don’t let her adorable look fool you: Cala Maria is not t
o be taken lightly as one of the Inkwell Isles’ most difficult bosses.
And never underestimate Sally Stageplay and her formidable
parasol. Little Cuppet might not seem all that challenging as a
boss’ sidekick, but beware: his aim’s pretty spot-on!

Rounding out the bunch are a few extra-special guests you’ll want to keep
your eyes out for. Mr. Chimes is ready to do damage on behalf
of King Dice as a GameStop exclusive!

Evil Cuphead is a Hot Topic exclusive that will remind everyone
of the dangers of succumbing to The Devil’s dastardly ways.

Collect them all this Fall!

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