Funko will exhibit at the London Toy Fair later this month

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Funko are returning to London Toy Fair in 2019 with a host of new and exciting licenses to share with pop culture fans and collectors. Not only will they be bringing their much loved, instantly recognisable Pop! Vinyl range, they’ll be sharing some of the newest additions to their Gifting & Homewares line, as well as showing their Loungefly range of bags, wallets and purses. Covering licenses from Disney, to Fortnite, Rick & Morty, Stranger Things, Marvel and DC – Funko leave no stone unturned when it comes to the pop culture landscape.

Not only will Funko be bringing along their newest and most exciting Pop! Vinyl figures from the most popular licenses around – Marvel, Disney, Fortnite, Rick & Morty and Star Wars to name just a few – they’ll also be showing a host of their other figure lines. One of their newest lines, 5 Star, features iconic characters from key licenses such as Harry Potter, including an articulated, posable character and a selection of accessories to further the characters narrative. Some of the latest additions to the range include characters from the game Fortnite – a huge license for Funko that has taken the EMEA market by storm, as well as Fantastic Beasts and products from upcoming Marvel releases. They’ll also be bringing along their much-loved pocket money products; from Mystery Mini’s to Pint Size Heroes and Pocket Pop! Keychains.

The Gifting and Homewares range reflects a range of popular and up and coming licenses, with plenty of available products to suit all tastes. The ideal gift for the older pop culture fans, they’re a great way to bring a spruce of fun into the kitchen and home! Funko will be showcasing several of their hottest lines, including their Disney Retro line celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90thbirthday, as well as their outrageous Rick & Morty range. If you’re a big fan of the worlds most famous mouse, you’ll love the Disney Retro line, featuring vintage designs with classic Mickey illustrations and vibrant red and cream colour schemes; choose from mugs, mason jars, chopping boards, aprons, kitchen storage tins and more. The Rick & Morty line is cheeky and humorous, with plenty of hilarious references from the show that fans will be bound to appreciate. Pickle Rick lovers can enjoy a Pickle Rick Bottle Opener and a Pickle Rick Banana Guard, or get your hands on a Mr. Meeseeks mug or Rick & Morty Egg Cups. With plenty more hot licenses to join the fold, the Gifting & Homewares line is one to keep your eye on.

Finally, Funko will be displaying a selection of their Loungefly products. This recent acquisition includes apparel items such as bags, purses, and accessories, and covers a broad range of licenses including Marvel, Overwatch, Doctor Who, Disney and Star Wars. Fans of classic Disney will love the Mickey and Minnie bags, featuring the iconic mouse ears and subtle detail, whilst still maintaining a classic and subtle design. The high-end quality and distinctive designs make this line a must-see for visitors.

Visit Funko at stand E130.

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