Funko – London Toy Fair Reveals: Batman 80th!

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Pop! Heroes: Batman 80th

The Dark Knight is turning 80 and all of Gotham City
is celebrating its favorite DC Super Hero from
Wayne Manor to Arkham Asylum. DC first introduced
Batman in Detective Comics #27, released
back in 1939. Since then, Batman has appeared
in countless comics, video games, television
episodes (animated and live action), movies, battled
epic Super-Villains and become a
cornerstone of pop culture. Celebrate 80 years of the
Dark Knight with a Pop! depicting 1939
Batman illustrating the evolution of the Super Hero’s
look over the decades. The 1989 Batman
Pop! offers a more modern interpretation of the Batsuit.

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Pop! Rides: Batman 80th – 1950 Batmobile

What would the Dark Knight be without his iconic ride, the Batmobile?
Take Batman on an epic adventure with this 1950 Batmobile Pop! Ride.

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Pop! Comic Moment: Batman 80th – Batman (1972)

The Caped Crusader and everyone’s favorite Boy Wonder are on the
case in this Comic Moment celebrating the DC Super Heroes circa 1969.

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Pop! Movie Moment: Batman 80th – Batman and The Joker (1989)

Batman and his nemesis The Joker are engaged in the ultimate
confrontation in this Movie Moment celebrating the 1989 film, Batman.

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