Coming Soon: Captain Marvel Funko Pop!s

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Pop! Marvel: Captain Marvel


Fly higher, further and faster with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful Super Hero who holds the universe in her hands as a Pop! figure. Wearing her iconic blue, red and gold uniform, Captain Marvel is holding the much-sought-after Tesseract—the containment vessel for the Space Stone. Help Pop! Captain Marvel conceal this precious weapon. If Captain Marvel happens to need backup Pop! Goose is ready to spring into actionin her true Flerken form. A Goose Chase with a 1/6 rarity reveals Goose already half-transitioned into heFlerken form

Specialty Series: Captain Marvel – Ronan


Captain Marvel might be packing a formidable set
of superpowers but she’s got her work cut out for her
Kree zealot Ronan the Accuser. This Pop! villain
is determined to eradicate 
Xandarian culture, and
is willing to ally with anyone—including 
Thanos—to make
it happen. This Funko Specialty Series Limited
Edition Exclusive makes a formidable enemy.


Coming Soon!