Funko – E3 2019 Exclusives!

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Funko & GameStop will be exhibiting together at
E3 2019, June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center!
Be sure to visit us at Booth #733

Pop! Games: Fallout 76 – Excavator Armor

Designed to protect miners from rockfalls, airborne contaminants,
and increase speed, the Excavator power armor is the
perfect addition to your Fallout 76 Pop! collection.
Now available as an E3 2019 exclusive!

Pop! Games: Witcher – Ciri (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Ciri also known as the Child of Destiny joins
the E3 2019 lineup! This is a Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! variant.
Careful as you collect Ciri, her Witcher training and magical
abilities make her one of the most powerful individuals in the world.

Pop! Games: Borderlands – Maya

“Anyone need a Siren on their side?”
Maya from the hit game Borderlands joins the
exclusive line up for E3 2019!

Pop! Games: Overwatch – Hanzo and Genji (2-pack)

This E3 2019 exclusive two-pack shows the brothers facing
off in combat, with Oni Genji performing a Swift Strike
while Kabuki Hanzo lunges into the fray.

Pop! Games: Gears of War – Kait Diaz

Gears of War fans rejoice!
Kait Diaz joins the E3 2019 exclusive
line up, shown in a shimmering blue variant!

Pop! Games: Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3 – Sora (Lion Form)

Joining the E3 2019 exclusive line up is Sora in Lion Form!
Shown with silver crown necklace, Sora is the perfect
addition to your Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3 Pop! collection.

Pop! PEZ: Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3 – Donald Duck

Donald Duck is known as one of Sora’s faithful and trusted
companions in Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3, now he joins Funko
Pop! PEZ as an E3 2019 exclusive!

Stay tuned to @OriginalFunko for the latest updates!

We hope to see you at E3!

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