Funko: 2019 SDCC Exclusive Reveals: Movies!

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Pop! Movies – Office Space (Think Geek)
“Work sucks!”

Bring home your favorite film mascot Pop! Sticky Note Man,
a shared SDCC and Think Geek exclusive!

Pop! Movies—Teen Wolf (Target)

Adolescence isn’t easy and it’s especially challenging
when you find yourself turning furry and howling at
the moon whenever emotions are high. Bring home
your very own San Diego Comic-Con exclusive
teen werewolf Pop! Scott Howard but be prepared
for teenage hormones and lots of fur.

Pop! Movies—Starship Troopers (GameStop)

Bring home a piece of 23rd century history with
a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Pop! Lieutenant
John “Johnny” Rico reporting for duty.

Pop! Movies—Jaws (Entertainment Earth)

Whatever you do, don’t go in the water! Celebrate
the 1975 classic film that continues to terrify
beachgoers 44 years later with a San Diego Comic-Con
exclusive 6” Pop! Jaws eating shark hunter Quint.

Pop! Movies—Zoolander (Target)

Bring home a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive
Pop! merman Derek Zoolander.

Pop! Movies—Forrest Gump (BoxLunch)

Bring home San Diego Comic-Con exclusive
Pop! Forrest Gump with a beard.


Friendly reminder, retailers can start selling their
shared convention exclusives on day 2 of the show.
No sales are permitted prior to that.

More reveals coming soon!

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