Funko: 2019 SDCC Exclusive Reveals: DC & Television!

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Celebrate your favorite DC Super Heroes with San Diego Comic-Con
exclusive teal chrome Pop! Batman (GameStop) in celebration of the 80th
anniversary of the hero’s first appearance in comics.

Pop! Heroes: DC – Batman (Teal Chrome)(GameStop)

Bring home your favorite mechanical engineering
genius at S.T.A.R Labs as a San Diego Comic-Con
exclusive Pop! Cisco Ramon.

Pop! Television: The Flash – Cisco Ramon (Hot Topic)

Celebrate your favorite superheroes and sidekicks
with San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Pop! Kato (Toy Tokyo)
who fights as backup for Green Hornet.

Pop! Television: The Green Hornet – Kato (Toy Tokyo)

Friendly reminder, retailers can start selling their
shared convention exclusives on day 2 of the show.
No sales are permitted prior to that.

More reveals coming soon!

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