Warhammer Day Is Tomorrow!

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Warhammer Day is right around the corner – a moment for hobbyists all over the world join together to proclaim our shared enthusiasm for Warhammer in all its forms. Join us on Saturday, the 29th of June, at Warhammer and Games Workshop stores everywhere as we celebrate the models, games, background, art, books… and of course our new logo!

Contact your local store to see what they have planned for the weekend, then head on down to join the party and pick up some exclusive goodies!

We’ve already announced that Sister Superior Amalia Novena and the paint-it-yourself Primaris Intercessor Funko POP! will be available on Warhammer Day…

…but we’ll also have this handsome set of exclusive Objective Markers!

This set of brushed-brass markers feature the new logo on one side and are numbered 1 through 6 on the reverse. They’ll only be available in stores on Warhammer Day, so make sure you pick up a set to commemorate the moment!

Stop by your local Games Workshop and Warhammer store to find out what they’ve got going on for Warhammer Day, and clear your calendar for the 29th of June!

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