Funko at New York Comic Con 10/3 – 10/6 2019

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  • Pop!: Regular $15 / 2-pack $30 / 3-pack $35
  • Pop! Town: $50
  • Pop! Tee: $30
  • Pop! Ride: $40
  • 6” Pop!: $25
  • Vinyl: $20
  • 5 Star: $15



Placeholder Links

Hot Topic

Description Link
Pop! Dragonball Z – Vegeta Final Form Link
Pop! Rick and Morty – Shrimp Morty Link
Pop! Rick and Morty – Shrimp Rick Link
Pop! DC Comics – Huntress Link
Pop! Doctor Who – Tzim Sha Link
Pop! Harry Potter – 6” Madame Maxine Link
Pop! MHA – Dabi Link
Pop! Simpsons – Evil Groundskeeper Willie Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel – Classic Nick Fury Link
Pop! Tee Bundle – Dark Phoenix Link
Pop! Stranger Things – Suzie Link
Pop! Killer Klowns – Slim Link
Pop! Avatar – Cabbage Man and Cart Link
Pop! MHA – Hero Killer Stain Link
Pop! Dragonball Z – Piccolo Link
Pop! Daria Link
Pop! Borderlands – Butt Stallion Link

Barnes and Noble

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Pop! Disney – Donald Duck Link
Pop! Game of Thrones – Missandei Link
Pop! Harry Potter – Filch with Mrs. Norris Link
Pop! Keith Harring Link
Pop! The Green Hornet and Kato 2pk Link

Books A Million

Description Link
Pop! Edgar Allan Poe Link
Pop! 2001: A Space Odyssey – Dr. Frank Poole Link

Box Lunch

Description Link
Pop! Town Disney Up – Kevin with UP House Link

Funko Shop

Description Link
Pop! Marvel – Classic Ms Marvel Link
Pop! Back to the Future – Marty McFly Link
Pop! MLB – Babe Ruth Link
5 Star Scott Pilgrim – Scott Pilgrim Link
5 Star Scott Pilgrim – Knives Chau Link
5 Star Scott Pilgrim – Romona Flowers Link
Pop! Hanna Barbera – Professor Pat Link
Pop! Hanna Barbera – Clyde Link
Pop! PEZ Icons – PEZ Girl Link
Pop! PEZ Icons – Mimic the Monkey Link
Pop! Community – Britta Link
Pop! Freddy Funko – Officer Freddy Link
Pop! Star Wars – Mandalorian Link
Figure Ron English Freddy Funko Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel Endgame – Iron Man Link
Pop! Toy Story – Dummy Link
Pop! The Office – Dwight Schrute Link
Pop! Overwatch – Wrecking Ball (Radioactive) Link


Description Link
Pop! Simpsons – Vampire Mr Burns Link
Pop! Debbie Harry Link
Pop! Bluntman and Chronic 2pk Link

Toy Tokyo

Description Link
Pop! The Warriors – Baseball Fury Link
Pop! H.R. Pufnstuf – Witchiepoo Link
Pop! H.R. Pufnstuf – Clang Link
Pop! H.R. Pufnstuf – Cling Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel – Stan Lee Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel – Classic Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Link


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Pop! Fortnite – Dark Voyager GITD Link
Pop! Hello Kitty – Lady Liberty Link
Pop! The Dark Crystal – The Wanderer and The Heretic Link
Pop! Star Wars – Sandtrooper Link

Entertainment Earth

Description Link
Pop! Dune – Feyd Rautha Link


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Pop! Jean-Michel Basquiat Link