It’s official! TargetCon is coming next week. Here are most, if not all, of the Funko exclusives dropping that day.

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10” Pusheen 323-01-2898
10” Kool-Aid Man 323-01-2957
10” The Thing 323-01-5125
Pusheen with cupcake 323-01-2915
Mandalorian with flame 323-01-4709
Pathfinder 323-01-6791
Doc Holliday 323-01-9729
Garfield Collector’s Box 323-01-9844
Chester Cheetah Collector’s Box 323-01-7257
FunkoVerse Kool-Aid Man 087-10-0567
Pop 21pc shipper (unknown) 323-01-2944
Funko Target Con Tee 323-02-0149

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