Funko: San Diego Comic Con 2020

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SDCC 2020 is not coming this year due to the pandemic, but Funko will still release the exclusives!


It will be updated every day that there is new information (E: Placeholder Link, Reveals, Shared Locations)

Remember that all Placeholder Links will NOT go live until July 22nd 2020 on and the 23rd at shared retailers.

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Placeholder Links

Hot Topic

Description Link
Pop! Animation: DBS – Super Saiyan God Goku Link
Pop! Animation: My Hero Academia – Bakugo Link
Pop! Marvel‬ – Nightcrawler Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel‬ – 10″ The Thing Link
Pop! Games: Pokémon – Vulpix Flocked Link
Pop! Games: Super Tails and Super Silver 2-pack! Link
Pop! Sanrio: Hello Kitty/Kaiju Collab- HK Robot Link
Pop! Heroes: Batman & Robin- Mr. Freeze (GL) Link

Barnes and Noble

Description Link
Pop! Harry Potter: Harry at World Cup Link

Box Lunch

Description Link
Pop! Disney: Pixar- Alien as Kevin Link
Pop! Disney: Emperor’s New Groove- Yzma as Cat Link

Funko Shop

Description Link
Pop! Ad Icons: Jack in the Box Link
Vinyl Soda: Quaker Oats – Cap’n Crunch – Crunchberry Beast Link
Pop! Games: Pokémon – Mewtwo Flocked Link
Pop! TV: TMNT- Michelangelo w/Surfboard Link
Vinyl Soda: Master of the Universe – Trap Jaw Link
Vinyl Soda: Master of the Universe – Moss Man Link
Vinyl Soda: Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas – Clown w/Tearaway Face Link
Pop! Harry Potter: Harry at World Cup Link
Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim- Wallace w/Phone Link
Pop! Movies: Anchorman Link
Pop! Toucan Astronaut Link
Pop! Toucan Superhero Link

Entertainment Earth

Description Link
Pop! Animation: Invader Zim- Zim Holding Minimoose Link
Pop! Heroes: DC Super Heroes – Ra’s Al Ghul Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel‬ – Dark Captain Marvel Link
Pop! Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker™ Sith Jet Trooper™ Link

Toy Tokyo

Description Link
Pop! Rocks – Steve Aoki Link
Pop! Animation: Samurai Jack Link
Pop! Masters of the Universe – Blast-Attak Link
Pop! Masters of the Universe – Clawful Link


Description Link
Pop! Comics: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – Iron Bob‬ Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel – Stan Lee‬ Link
Pop! Heroes: DC Super Heroes – Cyborg Superman Link


Description Link
Pop! Television: Back to the Future – Marty McFly Link
Pop! TV: The Office – Recyclops Link
Pop! Games: Fortnite – Ripley Link


Description Link
Pop! Marvel‬ – Deadpool Link

Best Buy

Description Link
Pop! Games: Critical Role- Vex on Broom Link