Funko Twitter Q&A 7/13
NYCC exclusives will been shown September-ish More news about Funko HQ will happen after SDCC SDCC pops & Pop!-up shop will be restocked everyday More Nightwing is on the way More Wonder Woman later this year. New pennywise pop is …
Coming Soon: Horror Exclusive Dorbz & Pop!s
Flocked Gizmo can be found at Hot Topic! A plaid shirt version of Beetlejuice is exclusive to Books-A-Million! Coming in September!   Look for the black and white version of Norman Bates, available exclusively at FYE! Coming in August!
Placeholders for SDCC 2017 Box Lunch Exclusives
Box Lunch–vinyl-figure-set—2017-summer-convention-exclusive-street-date-7-20/10912004.html—2017-summer-convention-exclusive-street-date-7-20/10912008.html—2017-summer-convention-exclusive-street-date-7-20/10912006.html
Funko Pop! Movies: Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining
Funko Pop! Movies: Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining Come out, come out, wherever you are! From Stanley Kubrick’s classic psychological thriller, The Shining comes the Torrance family! They live in the creepy, mountain-isolated Overlook Hotel, but we won’t hold that against …