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Today’s exclusive item is…



Freddy Funko Football Throwback Pop!


$15.00 each – Limit 1 per customer


In honor of the big game Funko Shop is sharing the
Funko HQ Exclusive, Freddy Funko Football Throwback Pop!
Display your football pride and add
Freddy Funko to your sports collection!

Pop! Plush: Wetmore Forest – Snuggle-Tooth

Jumbo: $20.00 each / Regular: $10.00 each
Now you can add Snuggle-Tooth to your Wetmore Forest plush collection! This cuddly jumbo plush stands about 13-inches tall, regular plush is roughly 7″ tall.
She’s the natural leader of this tribe of Pop! Monsters. As adventurous and daring as
she often is, she is also honest and trustworthy and always on the lookout
for any trouble that might befall her family of furry friends.
Snuggle-Tooth is the planner, the daredevil, the scout, the protector
and most of all a loyal friend to all. The others can always count on
their trusty leader to get them out of any jam.


FunKlub Giveaway!
POP Plush Jumbo: Monsters - ButterhornPOP Plush Regular: Monsters - Butterhorn

One lucky FunKlub member will be randomly selected to win a Jumbo and Regular Butterhorn plush prize for this week’s items, the Freddy Funko Football Throwback Pop! and Snuggle-Tooth plushies.
The winner will be announced next week!


Congratulations to Amy St. Lucas for winning our last giveaway,
the Freddy Funko prize pack!



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