Funko Twitter Q&A 2/1

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Question Answer
Time for a Funko Twitter Q&A! We’re going to answer as many questions as we can for the next hour! What do you want…
is there a ron jeremy one yet? NO
are you guys gonna have a huge sale soon on certain pops? :d That’s appropriately vague….
any chance of more star wars prequel pops? Definitely!
laws of physics be damned, when do we get our shrinking and growing #antman pop? Hard to say! The closest we’ve gotten to that was our Ant-Man Pop! with mini Ant-Man Pop! from the M…
laws of physics be damned, when do we get our shrinking and growing #antman pop? As soon as we figure out the science!
what happened to the green day pops that were supposed to come out unfortunately sometimes things change😪
are we getting more the last jedi pops? movie moments(kylo and rey vs guards or luke vs kylo)? new m… Absolutely. Nothing confirmed yet but we are definitely working on it!
yo when can we expect more chill ad icons? Sick *’quins Titan *sequins
what marvel hero would you want to be? MODOK. We are all MODOK.
have you guys heard about the bts? 😁 this sounds like a trap
will there be variants of the new overwatch figures? yes!
what about the vampire diaries funko? 👀 🧛🏽‍♂️🐺 Cool idea but no plans for now!
force projection luke skywalker pop by any chance?
will we see nintendo related funkos in the future?! Ask them 😝
any princes from disney coming until june ? Not sure about June but you may be seeing one soon! 😊
when a new wave of the last jedi? Don’t know, but we hope soon!!
what inspired you to start making pop! figurines??? A love of pop culture. Amazing designers. And we’re just a bunch of nerds.
any news on the shadowhunters figures? No news for now!
when will you announce new got funko pop!s ? 👀 ToyFair is coming up, right?
would you be able to mix movie licenses to make a mystery mini set of all @therock characters? movie and tv? @TheRock It would probably be really difficult, but that would be awesome!!
please tell me that a thanos wearing the infinity gauntlet pop will be coming out around the release of infinity war We’ll have more news about that line closer to when the movie comes out!
any plans for more dragonball pops? Seems very likely.
what’s the best selling funko? Our standard answer is Potted Groot, but others are probably catching up!
hey guys, any chance you will release red dwarf pops? #reddwarf Great show but no current plans
how do you decide what people/characters get made into pops? can fans submit ideas? Of course you can! We’re always listening here, and we often run polls to solicit feedback as well….
when will the making fun movie release for the public? We don’t have a date yet, but we are working on it and hope to have some info for you soon.
can u send me free ones
just want to know how are your guys days is? Fair to partly cloudy with zero chance of meatballs……
what’s the super bowl snack of choice? Tatchoes! What about you?
any chance you’ll make a katy perry pop? Does she want one?
any clues or hints an the #hansolo #redcup pop!s coming out for the movie? We’d love to but we like our jobs…..
when will eccc reveals start? Soon!
am i doing this right q&a? 😂 You asked a question… so yes
any possibilities at #funkofunkast pop! ad icon figures? something about having my very own @cssully… @CSSully @camerondeuel @YokoMcCann @HilaryLGray If they each had a different variant what would that variant be and why?
@madphenixrising i would post okoye but i can’t find her. i’m stressed @madphenixrising She’s not out yet. Stay tuned. She’s a Funko Shop exclusive!
kylo ren or ben solo? Reylo
when will the disney treasures unboxing be up? Tomorrow!
will you ever do a ragnarok miek funko!? i need it! can’t find the minifig anywhere! It’s on our radar
any chance of a funko character making a cameo in a future movie? 😁 Like one of our own characters? From Wetmore or Freddy?
coming out with any tailspin funkos? Have you seen our action figures and Mystery Minis?
any chance of a 10′ porg? thanks Rumors and innuendo
when can we expect the infinity war pops? Closer to the movie release date. Black Panther isn’t even out yet!
any chance for this leia, but in color?? Nothing to report about that right now. Thanks for the question!
@cssully @camerondeuel @yokomccann @hilarylgray you got to have @cssully in his big hat &… @CSSully @camerondeuel @YokoMcCann @HilaryLGray Worst selling line ever. 😝
can i get a shoutout to the strain? Shout👏out👏to👏The👏Strain👏
how many new designs do you release each year? So many that we don’t even bother to count…..
can you send me a free pop figurine? No because you called it a figurine
any mcc sneak peeks? and what is the actual box theme haha. animals? It’s themeless and timeless
how many exclusives do we have for ecc Stay tuned! More news on that coming soon…
when is the the ever after castle unboxing going up? please say today. Tomorrow
when will yzma be available The Emperor’s New Groove Pop!s are available now!
has doctor who became a forgotten line? seems we haven’t got a full wave just one here one there lately Just waiting for the 13th Doctor like…..
when are we seeing an unboxing of disney treasures? what about the pioneer gift? maybe a walt and mickey 2 pack? The unboxing is going up tomorrow!
Get ready…….
why no love for the office? We love our office!
will you make ant man and the wasp funko pops? Oh heck yes
pretty little liars pops? Great idea! No plans for now though
why haven’t i won any contests yet? Picked at random! Keep trying you never know!
any new mr robot funkos coming soon? No news on that right now! Thanks for the question.
any chances we get new jessica jones pops? i really need trish walker as a funko pop! Agreed! Need her as Hellcat!
biker mice from mars? Oooo! That’s a great one! No plans for now though!
what trailers are you looking forward to most this sunday? Definitely Solo! Dreaming of an Incredibles 2 trailer.
when is theon greyjoy coming!?!?!? There he goes……
freddy would be cool appearing randomly in a movie but i meant like a character in said movie like a… We’re game for that please call us @Marvel
how do you guys continue to be so awesome? 🤔 Just comes naturally.
what is your reaction when people try to compare funko pop! to beanie babies?
bbq avocado boats Those look delicious!
so, superbowl, would freddy funko root for a team or remain loyal to the seahawks? Freddy loves all teams equally
how does choose the designs for chase exclusives? is there a certain criteria? It’s a series of discussions between our art team and the licensor
what fun news can we look forward to after eccc?? There’s New York Toy Fair. And then SDCC!
why aren’t there any x files pops? But……
i have too many questions! i’m in ireland and this is the first time i have been up for the q & a, w… No plans for Shadow of War. We can’t tell you about con exclusives yet. And welcome – we love Ireland!
Great questions so far! Keep them coming! #AskFunko
will we see more freddy funko dorbz this year? Seems highly likely!
any new cool star wars figures coming soon? Mmmmhmmmm
They should arrive this month! In the meantime, we might give away a few soon. Stay tuned… #Goldbluming
any chance we see more x-men pops in near future, specifically some classic villains (i.e. blob, ava… Pro tip: watch our ToyFair reveals 🙃
i’m most likely coming to the factory in washington in june 🙂 would you be able to inform me on prices for the diy pop? Do you mean Pop! Factory? It’s $15 and worth every last penny
when will the cuphead pops coming out? They should be out really soon!
we want infinity war funkos release date 🙁 Not allowed to tell you that. Under penalty of being eaten by Groot.
answer mine 🙁 Hi!
any chance to have a neon genesis evangelion pops line? Cool idea! No plans for now though
i need a funko radio station. Just put on some Toto because that’s all it would play
You know, DAN, the #FunkoFunkast is just as good as a radio station……
We recommend the #FunkoFunkast, the only official Funko podcast! 🙂 Hello there!
are you guys ever gonna do tron: legacy 🙁 More importantly, are they ever going to make Tron 3? TR3N?
when will we see the new got wave? Winter’s here. At ToyFair.
when will we be able to watch #makingfunthemovie No date to share yet, but we hope to have something for you soon.
i regret saying anything You got everyone all riled up
can i have some freebies please
how about some funko hoodies or long sleeve tees?? would love to see those become available. Good idea!
what’s the best comic con? All 3 are amazing but we do have a special place in our hearts for our home con – and it’s coming u…
i have a question, do you have any plans on making an rv from the walking dead? not only was dale kn… Not currently but great idea!
when will eccc reveals start?!
any chance of a mariah carey pop😊
more kingdom hearts coming? Have you seen this wave?
how was your day today? Everyday here is like a trip to a candy store. A candy store where people keep saying “no you can’t have that so put it down”.
when is the amy pond funko coming?
If you only knew……
please please please answer. i’ve been trying to ask for weeks now… will there be any future plans… @gorillaz we aren’t aware of any plans
i don’t have a question, i just wanted to be a part of thew q&a 👋
i don’t have a question, i just wanted to be a part of thew q&a Sup?
what was the first funko pop ever released Batman, Green Lantern and Batgirl!
are you going to make more board game pops? will you make mario funko pops? will you make company ma… So many questions. no, maybe, maybe….. but in no particular order
will there be an exclusive pop for the alexa bliss and sasha banks signing at funko hq february 24th? There will not but you should still come and meet them!
unbreakable kimmy schmidt pops?
will there ever be @mlb figures!? @MLB What do you say, @MLB ?
how do mystery mini exclusives work? does that mean that that you have to buy it at the retailers Yes! The exclusive Mystery Minis can only be found at those retailers
We have time for a few more questions! #AskFunko
what about big mouth pops?? Honestly, that show is too funny. We would love to. If even just to have @nickkroll and @mulaney yell at us…..
do you guys need volunteers for upcoming cons? We have a staff of people already fighting to do it here 😁
wow you replied quickly. We get paid by the tweet
i meant that in the nicest way possible btw lmao omg jdjsj my doctor who collection is lonely without her Well in that case – You won’t have to be ‘The Girl Who Waited’ for much longer.
do you like trains? They’re ok I guess
hey, guys, i’m back at our again – any chance of pops for middle-earth: shadow of war? i’d forge a n… No news on that right now, unfortunately. Thanks for the question!
and are we finally going to get some disney treasures pioneer info!!!!!????
when will the okoye funkoshop exclusive be released?? #blackpanther Very close to the movie release
what can we expect in more 8-bit pops? will there be more 8-bit freddy? It’s very possible.
what’s the best candy Banana Runts
what ever happened to the dc cw mystery minis revealed last toy fair? sadly sometimes things change…….
can u show us 1 han solo movie pop?
ever thought of making funkos of popular comics, like calvin and hobbes, peanuts, etc? We made Peanuts Pop!s a few years ago. There are even Halloween special edition Peanuts Pop!s, too!
favorite overwatch hero?
i wish my comic book store had twitter; i’d tag them here for streaming the #funkofunkast in store regularly Tell them Thank You for us and that we approve! What is the name of the store and where is it located?
favourite villain, someone you just love to hate? i think mine has to be loki 😂 Awesome question! We love (hate) Grand Moff Tarkin, Professor Umbridge, Ursula, Oogie Boogie and Cersei. All hail the queen!
Great question. Who’s yours?
will there be loads of ant-man and the wasp funkos 👀 Yes but they’ll all be super tiny
when will the cuphead plushies come out? Arriving in stores this month!
are you guys going to do a give away of the miraculous ladybug and/or ouran high school host club funkos? 🤔 Most likely!
why not make fairy tail (anime) pops? would love some. We do!
when is the dr.ian malcom @target exclusive coming to target? @Target We aren’t sure but we’ll let you know as soon as we have a date!
are the funko football pops still coming out? because i received an email from entertainment earth t… They’re UK only at the moment.
pls don’t ignore me >.> the office funko pops wya No information to share at this time.
will we be getting a reveal on the second wave of it pops? 🎈 Sooooooon
any chance of infinity war pops? a bearded cap would be cool! 🤔
how will we be able to see the documentary? We haven’t ironed it out yet but we’re working on it!
lucifer from supernatural, i mean i know he is satan and all, but c’mon, you gotta love him Great idea!
what’s the possibilities of a new oswald rabbit pop? No news at the moment, but never say never!
That does it for this week! Thanks for the great questions and we’ll see you next time! – @HilaryLGray…
i’m totally cool with no monster squad pops if i…i mean we…got zack ryder pops. But we did make Zack Ryder Pop!s!
funko, my boys, i don’t ask for much. i feel like a broken record. but….anakin We hear ya. Nothing to share… for now.